About the Destiny Family

Mission Statement

Destiny Sober Living creates a supportive atmosphere for our clients. Along with the family and client himself/herself, we create a treatment plan which answers your specific needs. This will help you or your loved one become cooperative in implementing the program because he/she has taken part in designing it. Whether you are departing from drug addiction or alcoholism, we will make your journey away from chemical dependency as comfortable and sympathetic as possible. Since it’s going to be a period of acute instability, our counselors are also trained to provide the most caring and inspiring approach to every client in the facility. Recovery through self-restraint is your only focus here. Your stay with us will help you achieve an independent, happy and healthy life. Through the entire length of the treatment (which will likely depend on how long you’ve been using drugs or alcohol), we will create various activities that will help in restructuring your emotional, physical and mental well-being. In our corner at Phoenix, Arizona, you will see a meaningful life. Have hope. Make a step to get closer to us today. We are available to answer your concerns 24/7.

Meet the Compassionate Team Members of the Destiny Family


Executive Director, Kathleen Bynum

Kathleen stands at the forefront of Destiny’s growing Team. She has been treating those struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders for the past 21 years. She has a deep knowledge of the mental health field. She has a passion for helping families and truly understands that addiction and mental health issues affect more than the person who has the illness.She has great operational experience that has lead to helping companies obtain the highest credentialing awards available in the mental health field. She has built a reputation for developing business strategies that embrace the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth. She is a recipient of the Arizona Department of Corrections Directors Coin for success in the development of research based treatment programs.


Holly Betzer, Director of Clinical Services

Holly comes to Destiny Sober Living with a Master of Science Degree in Addiction Counseling. She is currently working on a doctoral degree of education in organizational leadership with an emphasis in behavioral health. While working as a therapist, Holly realized that she loves teaching and has a goal of teaching at the university level while simultaneously working as a therapist. Holly began her own journey of recovery in February 2012 and has a great understanding of what it takes to be in recovery. She has a passion for helping those struggling with addiction with underlying issues, and enjoys working with others to help them come to an understanding of how their underlying issues affect their lives and contribute to their addiction. She truly believes if a client has an understanding of why they use drugs and/or alcohol to cope, they have a good opportunity of being in long-term recovery. Holly specializes in utilizing the techniques of mindfulness and mediation in her own life and provides others with these techniques to use as coping skills to help with their anxiety and depression associated with their addiction disorders.


Program Director, Kelly Bennett

Kelly is a graduate of Rio Salado’s Addiction and Substance Abuse Disorder Program and is currently attending Grand Canyon University to achieve a degree in the field of Behavioral Health with an emphasis on Addiction and Mood Disorders. Kelly discovered her passion for helping others when she herself was in early recovery. Kelly began on her path to recovery in October of 2009 and is no stranger to working hard to maintain her sobriety. As a woman in recovery, she loves working with others on their own path of success and freedom from substances. Kelly believes in what the 12-step program has taught her and that is to help ensure one’s own sobriety, one day at time, and always be willing to help a fellow person suffering from the disease of addiction and to help them find their way into recovery. Kelly is an excellent teacher on showing others how to live by the Principles of Recovery.

Rick Bell

Rick Bell, Masters Level Therapist

Rick has a Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling and is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology with an Emphasis in Technology and Learning. Rick is a bipolar alcoholic in recovery (13 years) and a firm advocate of medication adherence and 12-Step recovery. Before coming to Destiny Sober Living, Rick worked at an executive level in the information technology consulting industry. Rick now identifies as a hot yoga addict, an addiction he has no desire to address.

Mears Amundson

Mears Amundson, LAC, Therapist

Mears is a Licensed Associate Counselor. She graduated with a B.S. in psychology from Texas A&M University. She has an M.A. in Addiction Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands and will be completing her second master’s degree this summer in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Mears has a passion for helping others who are struggling to manage their lives. She finds joy in watching her clients grow and helping them understand their identity. She has a love for people and is sensitive to the unique cultural needs of the clients she works with. She understands the connection between spirit, mind, and body and incorporates this understanding in helping others. In her free time, you can find Mears spending time with her family, engrossed in a good book, enjoying a good cup of coffee, dreaming of traveling the world, working out, or being outdoors.