Alcohol/Drug Screenings

Destiny Outpatient Alcohol/Drug Screenings

Destiny Outpatient Services is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services to provide assessment, treatment and referral for offenses involving alcohol and/or drugs. Offenses may include DUI, DWI, Underage Drinking, Public Intoxication, Drug Paraphernalia charges and other alcohol or drug related offenses.

Facing DUI charges can be a scary thing. Just remember that we are here to help! Destiny offers in-person or online certified MVD Alcohol Screenings with caring and supportive staff. If you do not chose Destiny for your screening, ensure that you do not take a class online with an out of state company.

If you received your alcohol/drug charge in Arizona, you MUST get a screening from a licensed facility through the Arizona Department of Health. Secondly, the agency MUST be an approved vendor through the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Destiny is certified through both.

Destiny will:

  • Electronically report your screening results to the Arizona DMV immediately upon completion of your assessment so you can reinstate your license if it has been suspended.
  • If your case requires a license revocation packet to be completed, we can do this for you too. (Cost = $200)
  • Send a report to your court on the day of your screening to inform the court that you completed your assessment.
  • Enroll you in alcohol/drug classes or refer you to other agencies who provide this service.
  • Submit monthly court reports to your court to inform them of your ongoing compliance and a certificate of completion after your final session.

Destiny offers flexible scheduling and online assessments for those who are unable to make the screening in person. Virtual Classes are coming very soon.
If you received a DUI/DWI or other alcohol/drug related charge anywhere in Arizona, we can help. We are an authorized DMV screening agency and work will ALL Arizona Courts. Out-of-State Agency referrals are welcome. Please ensure with your local DMV the requirements you must complete in order for your license to be reinstated. Out of State Courts must be informed of your treatment choice of Destiny prior to starting classes. We always want you to ensure that your time is not spent taking classes that may not count in the state that you live in.

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Call 602-249-6674 to schedule your screening today!
Screenings are $75.00. This does include reporting to the DMV and to your court.

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