Recovery for Women

Three Beautiful facesYour journey to recover will be supported by other women who are in the same boat as you. Destiny Sober Living offers specially structured sober living recovery programs for women of all ages. Research has shown that single-gendered treatment is more effective. Women and men think differently, therefore, treatment must be different and gender specific in order for treatment to be effective.

Treatment focuses on the uniqueness of women by addressing the following:

Destiny Sober Living provides a unique opportunity for women with perinatal mood disorders (PMD) to receive treatment in a safe and comfortable home setting. Women who are currently pregnant or who have postpartum (up to 1 year after birth) can have difficulty adjusting to the event of childbirth and parenthood. Whether you are a new parent or an experienced mother, you will learn skills to help you deal with stress, anxiety and intrusive thoughts that may occur when caring for your child. You will learn about attachment and develop skills to care for your child. Mothers are not able to keep their children with them overnight, however your child can be brought during the day. This allows for the mother to improve her sleep and well-being and this fosters mother and baby bonding as the mother will be at her best when she is with her child.

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