Treatment is only effective during treatment. Just because someone graduates our program does not mean they are “cured”. It just means that their treatment will change. Destiny Sober Living offers an extensive and supportive Aftercare Program. Our Aftercare Program is free to all Destiny Alumni and includes:

  • Alumni can return to evening programs as often as they need. We recommend for the first year that they attend at least 2 times per week.
  • Monthly phone support, or as needed based on the needs of the person and how they are navigating their stresses post inpatient care – for 1 year.
  • Attendance at monthly alumni events.
  • Attendance at social outings.
  • Guest Speaker privilege at special topic sessions.
  • Case Management Support.

The more involved a person is post treatment, the more successful they will be long term. Often times we can prevent a relapse of symptoms when people stay closely connected to us because we get to know you and your symptoms that indicate when you start not doing well, which can often be missed by loved ones.