I Want To Help Myself

People can go for years never thinking they have a problem. It is normal to compare ourselves to others and think “well, I’m not that bad.” We make justifications for our actions and feelings and believe that if a certain situation didn’t happen we wouldn’t have done something or felt a certain way. But there comes a time where the little voice in the back of our mind gets louder. Our conscious catches up with us and we believe that something has to change. Sometimes outside situations influence us to get to this point, or we arrive at this decision alone. Regardless of how you got here – there is a part of you that knows that you need help.

Recovery can be a long and bumpy road. At times, you may even feel it’s impossible. But it’s not if you have the right treatment. No matter how bad you feel your situation is or how powerless you feel, you can recover. You don’t have to wait unit you “hit rock bottom”. You can make a change at any time.

Most people who have an addiction or mental health concern do not decide to make a change out of the blue. Recovery is usually a more gradual process. In the early stages denial exists even after you have admitted you have a problem. You may make excuses and drag your feet. You may attempt to control your use, cut down, or weigh out the cost and benefits of not going to treatment and doing it by yourself. What people find is that through this stage the fear of quitting sets in, which in turn can actually increase the use of substances or increase symptoms of depression and anxiety. The sooner you seek help, the quicker you can start piecing back your life. Are you Scared? Worried? Stressed? Hopeless? You are not alone! Together, we will help you every step of the way.

All you have to do is contact us. This is often the scariest step. You can ask any question. We believe that knowledge is power. With this power you are able to make an informed decision about your care. Here are some questions that others have asked:

  1. Will I have to detox?
    If you have recently used, most likely you will need to medically detox under the care of a doctor. We have personally visited and understand the treatment given at our recommended hospitals that we have relationships with. We will only recommend treatment providers that we would send our own family members to.
  2. Will I be able to take my medication there?
    Yes. We assist the residents in self-administration of their medications.
  3. Can I smoke?
    Of course. If you are on nicotine patches however you would not be able to smoke.
    You are allowed to smoke if you are 21 years of age or above.
  4. What will my treatment be like?
    We individualize treatment. The best way to answer this is to call us. You will receive a free screening over the phone. Depending on what you are working on you will be given a rough idea about your treatment, but the specifics will not be known until you receive a formal assessment. We have group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, family reunification services, case management services, and specialized treatments for trauma and grief.

Treatment professional are standing by. Call us today and get your questions answered. This will not only arm you with knowledge, it will help with any fear and anxiety that you are feeling. You have nothing to lose by calling. If you feel we are not the right place for you we have a network of agencies that we trust. Hope to hear from you soon.

Complete the form below and submit to Destiny Sober Living. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. We are here for you and we will be here for you during your recovery journey.