Codependency is excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically a partner who requires support due to an illness or addiction. In our addiction we tend to become very dependent on someone for our basic needs, and sometimes we take them as emotional hostage for our own emotional wellbeing. In sobriety we teach the women to look to their Higher Power for guidance, and to become independent women. They learn how to accept their own part in any issues that arise and how to hold others accountable for their own actions.

Codependency is a big problem for women, especially those in relationships where their significant other is dependent on drugs or alcohol. Codependency treatment addresses the psychological motivations behind these types of relationships, exploring and counteracting the feelings of guilt and shame and the negative habits that can develop from them. Moreover, if the addicted person in a relationship is pursuing drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation, it is usually beneficial for the other party to pursue codependency treatment.

Codependency treatment helps you to become your own person. Lack of confidence is very often the source of many types of self-destructive behavior, including substance abuse. The reliance on others for validation can lead to depression, and the belief that one is unable to cope with everyday life. Every woman has the right and potential to feel proud. The recognition and celebration of autonomy is something for which we strive very hard for here at Destiny. Our codependency treatment program provides codependency help for women to regain the personal pride and self-worth they may have lost or never had to begin with. We help women stand on their own and live a life that is worth living.

Destiny provides a safe and secure place to regain confidence in yourself. At Destiny our codependency treatment program is a welcoming, supportive place, where we reinforce the knowledge that happiness and self-esteem depend on the individual’s attitude toward life. Codependency treatment can allow a woman to let go of her unhealthy obsessions and let her begin to lead a secure, independent life.